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The Plaque Scraper, purpose is to remove plaque (or the soft deposits) only , not calculus or hard mineral deposits. So if one has calculus, it is recommend that one should have a deep cleaning or planning and root scaling by a dental professional prior to using the Plaque Scraper.

Through out years of working with patients, I have heard many complaints from patients that they can’t keep their teeth clean with just normal brushing and flossing. Then I thought of letting them use the metal dental scaler, but then I was concerned that they would damage their teeth or gums because of the lack of proper training. Then an idea come to mind, why not have a scaler in plastic, so that non-professionals may use it without harming their teeth or gums.

I have many colleagues who go to poor regions of many countries to perform free dental services, which normally consists of pulling teeth with non sterile instruments, and giving out a limited number of free tooth brushes, tooth paste and floss. I don’t think it was the solution to the problem, because what would people do when they run out of tooth paste and floss; while they still will have rotten teeth. And that was exactly what happened, because my friends go there every year, doing the same thing over and over. I believe that long term prevention is the solution. Since plaque is the culprit of the dental caries and gum disease, and the sole purpose of the Plaque Scraper is to remove plaque. Therefore Plaque Scraper is the answer to the problem. First, Plaque Scraper doesn't need tooth paste. Second, Plaque Scraper doesn't need water, since water can be a short commodity in some areas. Third, Plaque Scraper doesn't have to be replaced as frequent as floss. When used normally, it can last a life time.

I have seen many faces of people from different regions of the world. Every face from each region of the world has its own beauty and style. But most of them when they smile have something in common, which is missing teeth. I would hope that one day, when everybody in the world smiles, there are no missing teeth. In order to achieve my goal, I will use part of the profits to distribute free Plaque Scrapers to people around the world who can not even afford a tooth brush or any dental care.

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