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Objective is to remove plaque off the tooth surface.

How often should one cleans his or her teeth? One good cleaning at night before bed time is good enough.

Which techniques use first? Plaque scrape, floss or brush first?

Floss first, scrape second, brush last.

How to floss correctly

Purpose of using floss is to remove plaque BETWEEN teeth. Best is to use non-wax floss. If the between teeth’s contact is too tight, then use wax floss. Start from one side of the mouth and go around the mouth.   Make sure the floss goes all the way down under the gum line. Then pull the floss to one side of the tooth and then out.   Do it 3 times for every side of the tooth. For visual instruction, watch video.

How to use plaque scraper correctly

Purpose of using plaque scraper is to remove plaque all AROUND the teeth NEAR the gum line. The plaque scraper has two ends, use which ever ends that will scrape the plaque more efficiently. Go from one side of the mouth and work around the mouth. First, work on the flat surfaces on the teeth of the cheek side, apply the blade of the plaque scraper on back of the flat surface, make sure place tip of the plaque scraper toward the gum line, then pull the plaque scraper GENTLY, after each motion one will able to see the plaque on the blade of the plaque scraper. Wipe the plaque off the blade with a tissue, then repeat until there is no more plaque on the blade. Then work between the teeth. To remove plaque between the teeth, place the blade near the gum line between teeth, then pull the blade away from the gum line. Then go on to the next tooth and finally around the mouth. Then work on the tooth surfaces of the tongue side. And repeat the scraping until the whole mouth is clean. For visual instruction, watch video.

How to brush properly

Remember, do not brush too often, too long, or brush too hard; it will wear out tooth structure and consequently have sensitive teeth. One good brushing at night before bed time is sufficient.

Use soft brush, and soften the brush bristles with warm water. Place the brush bristles at 45 degree angle toward the gum line. Then brush GENTLY and SLOWLY, without force, in vertical or circle motion. For every tooth surface, brush 3 strokes. Then work around the mouth, both the cheek side and tongue side. For visual instruction, watch video.

In the morning, one can have a quick brush to remove the yucky taste.